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It is normal for pet owners to be curious about what their animals think or feel. So can dogs cry like humans?

No one can argue that dogs are deprived of the capacity to experience different moods. Studies that dogs can feel emotions such as happiness, fear, anger and disgust shows. Recently, experts have also shown that dogs feel more complex feelings such as shame, pride and guilt.

tears in dogs

Can dogs cry like humans?

Apart from the scientific world, many pet owners know that cats and dogs have emotions and can feel as strong as we do.

We would also like to point out that dogs have all the necessary structures to produce tears. As with all mammals, dogs also need tears that allow their eyes to breathe.

Tears do not overflow in dogs, instead tear paths drain fluid into the neck and nose.

If tears overflow, it is not because he feels strong emotions. When dogs’ eyes are irritated, they are naturally watered. So if your dog seems to be crying, It may be suffering from a disease that requires you to have a vet checked.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t cry because of their emotions. They produce tears when their eyes are irritated.

What does it mean when dogs’ eyes are old?

If your dog’s eyes are older than normal, it is necessary to consider that it is due to a health problem. Medicine equivalent of excessive tear production It has the epiphysis. It can occur when dogs’ tear ducts are clogged, causing tears to overflow.

In addition, eyelashes or a scratch on the cornea can cause excessive tear production.

How do dogs express their feelings?

Dogs express their feelings in different ways; like shaking their tails when they are happy or laying their ears back to show that they are sad and / or scared.

As you all know, the cubs “cry” by making sounds with different vocals. When they are stressedespecially when they need their mother’s care and protection they whined. This “crying” pattern has also been observed in juvenile mice.

As the babies grow up, they “cry” in the form of whining or gently moaning. This voice over is so useful and diverse that they continue to be used even in adulthood.

Adult dogs often whine directly against people. Not surprisingly, most dog behaviorists, dogs who are concerned about separation, He thinks that when they are young, they make the same sound as the young ones who leave their mothers.

Can dogs cry like humans? Vocal repertoire of animals

The growling, howling and whining of the dogs gave them an evolutionary advantage. For example, they did not move away from their families in this way. In addition, the offspring they also make sounds while playing games. If one of the offspring behaves very hard, the other “cries” and suddenly withdraws. This will allow the other puppy to use in the future. teaches attack tactics.

mourning man and dog

Emotions and ethics in animals

Even though our common sense tells us that animals are emotional, able to think, feel, and suffer, scientists so far He conveyed that we cannot understand exactly what animals feel.

This has led to the development of a rather insignificant attitude towards animal rights, animal abuse and other ethical questions related to the subject. However, this situation not only made animals used in scientific research suffer. Science itself has suffered. Because they don’t take into account the emotions of animals, The results of tests involving animals are very high.

Fortunately, to ensure the welfare of animals, at least in some parts of the world, thanks to increased anxiety and social awareness the world of science has also started to adopt a different perspective. Recognition of animal consciousness outside the world of science; such as animal abuse and animal abandonment plays a key role in improving understanding of problems.

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