How to Choose Perfect Travel Makeup Bags

Choosing the best make-up case is important for the organization of your cosmetic products. With a well-organized case you will feel free and stay away from unwanted stress.

However, the choice of the right bag depends on whether you use the bag for everyday use or when travelling. This is because size and durability can make a big difference in performance.

Once you’ve found the ideal make-up bag, you’ll find that it’s much easier to find your items, so you can apply your make-up without wasting time.

We present three steps to choosing the perfect make-up case:  First, determine that you need a bag for daily use or travel. If you throw the bag into your handbag to take it with you when you travel, a smaller bag with a single compartment is usually the best choice. However, if you need a makeup bag when traveling and want to do your entire makeup routine, you will need a slightly larger bag with several compartments.

If you’re a professional make-up artist, you’ll find even larger make-up bags where you can store your entire kit to take with you when you’re working. 

A good make-up bag is certainly handy to organize your make-up in one place.

It can also protect other possessions from accidental smudging if you need to take your make-up with you.How much storage space you need depends on your personal style and the choice of make-up products. A simple cosmetic bag is sufficient if you prefer the “hardly there” look.

However, if your make-up takes up more space than your food and clothes, you may need to consider a vanity case. If you only use a few basic items such as powder, lipstick and a little mascara, you can get by with a small bag that easily fits on your washstand or in your handbag. Most of these bags are about the size of a pencil pouch and come with zippers. Make-up mavens also want a small bag if they can only carry a few important things.

Some nice styles that you should consider are: Sonia Kashuk Cheetah Soft Cosmetic Case – This small zippered makeup bag is big enough to hold a compact, a tube of lipstick and a few other items that will help you improve your look when you do I’m on the go. It’s available online for about 7.00 USD. Medium sized bags. If you prefer a more polished look, you probably need plenty of room for foundation, powder, blush, mascara and more.

A medium size is also versatile enough to accommodate a few beauty items or more if you need them. Second, find out which size is best for your routine. Even with day and travel makeup bags, there are some size differences. The best option depends on your routine. For example, if you just want to carry some powder, lip balm and lipstick to touch up all day, you don’t need much space. If you also want to bring eye shadow, liner and mascara to turn your make-up into an evening look during the day, you will need a larger bag. When travelling with make-up bags, think about how long your travels usually take. If you usually go on weekend trips, you won’t need a very large make-up bag. However, if you frequently travel for a week or more, you may need to bring more makeup so that you need more space. Choose a suitable size. To be on the safe side, you may want a bag that is a little larger than your needs, because then you will have room for the fantastic impulse purchases you need to make. Make sure that every bag you buy has a waterproof liner. It’s nice to have everything in one place, but leaks can occur. The last thing you need is to open your handbag or suitcase and find the rest of your stuff with powder or liquid primer. A waterproof liner is also easy to wipe off.

Usually it is better to choose a bag or suitcase with compartments to keep you organized. This may mean buying a smaller bag with only one or two inside pockets, or choosing a full-size bag with several compacts so you can really organize your collection. It’s a transparent make-up bag that lets you see at a glance where each item is located. No more digging in a dark bag to find your favorite lipstick tube or eyeliner pencil buried underneath. Getting a cosmetic bag is not just a matter of the mall and choosing the first thing you find. No hurry. Take a close look at your current make-up assortment. Empty your wallets, search your bathroom and distribute everything where you can see it. Once you’ve decided how much storage space you really need, you’ll get a better idea of which bag makes the most sense for your collection.

 Next, you decide how robust your bag needs to be. The usual make-up bag usually doesn’t need to be as durable, so a soft style works well. For a travel bag, however, it is a good idea to choose a bag with a hard exterior that prevents containers inside from breaking when they are pushed around on the plane, car or train. Bags with a hard exterior are usually called train bags.

You will find larger bags with a hard exterior that resemble luggage or roll-on-board cases for professional make-up artists. Consider a waterproof bag. The fragile bottles are usually vulnerable. Choose a waterproof bag made of nylon, vinyl, polyester or other waterproof fabric to prevent liquids from damaging or leaking into the bag. Look for a bag with partitions. It is especially important to have bags with multiple compartments or pockets to organize your makeup in travel bags. This way you can separate your face products from your other makeup products. This makes it easier to do your make-up in a hurry, as you usually do not carry too much make-up in a daily make-up bag. Partition walls are not always necessary. However, you may want a few compartments to separate items like tissues or cotton buds from your makeup. Choose a bag with an easy to clean lining.

Powder, cream or liquid products, with make-up items a certain mess is inevitable. Make sure you choose a bag with a lining that you can easily wipe off with soap and water. In summary, choosing the best bag depends on how you feel. Follow these steps to get the best bag and most importantly, to feel comfortable.

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