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Dogs are a wonder. Nobody can doubt it. But if you’re still not aware of their “superpowers,” we suggest you read this article so you can be aware of these powers.

Let’s take a look at what dogs do and they automatically implement it without even having to think about it.

The amazing things dogs do

You don’t need anyone else to convince you of this… The best animals in the world are dogs. This friend goes everywhere with you, takes care of you and gives you unrequited love. But besides all these, your dog can do some other things that make him a special being:

Your reaction after the behavior of the dogs is important.

1. listens carefully when you speak like an adult

When you contact a dog, whether you or someone else’s dog, you can’t prevent it… You start talking to him as if he’s talking to a baby! We all change the tone of our voice and choose the words we use when talking to a baby.

From now on, try not to do this again. You ask why? Because dogs act according to what they hear. And if you speak in a ‘funny’ tone, they won’t pay attention or listen. In such a situation, they think that you are not talking to him and in fact, when you speak like a baby, they apply the method of ‘selective hearing’. This is the same for all dogs, be it Poodle or Great Dane.

2. Dogs notice changes in your facial expressions

Actually, you don’t even need to talk to them. Just your eyes, lips or facial expression is enough for them.

So, if your dog behaves inappropriately and you take a hard look at it, he will automatically realize that he is doing something wrong.

In this case, he will either hide somewhere or somehow ask you to forgive him in his own way. But this will not happen with regret, because dogs do not have this feeling. This will be more because the owner will react whenever he sees anger on his face.

3. Dogs laugh

You have seen many videos or photos with big smiles on the faces of dogs. You may be wondering why your dog is not doing the same (or perhaps you haven’t seen it yet).

Did you know that dogs laugh for different reasons than people? For example, they do it to get attention or compassion from their owners. However, if you see a smile on your dog’s face, remember that depending on the situation, anything may have worried him and you may have to soothe him.

4. The amazing things dogs do: they manipulate you

If you think that the ‘Ayyy’ look that the Puss in Boots has on his face to get what he wants, you probably don’t have a dog in your house. Dogs are great actors and actresses and they know very well how to convince you.

They even learn to shake hands to distract you.

Dogs are not only very smart creatures. They know the weak side of all members of the house. Does your dog want something to eat, toy, belly caress or jump into your bed? It will do anything to get what it wants!

Dogs can also ask their owners to fulfill their wishes directly because they will remember how they last received their requests. For example, if you have given your dog food from your own plate and your partner has not done so, it will come directly to you.

5. Dogs lick to show interest.

When dogs want to show us that they love us, they do it differently than humans. Licking is probably the most common method they use. For example, dogs grow up by learning that this is the best way to show that they are with you, just as mother dogs lick their dogs to clean.

Your dog will probably want to lick your face, but it will do it for other parts of your body as well, it can lick your arms and even your feet. This is for dogs Another way to calm themselves and feel more comfortable by contacting their owners directly.

6. Amazing dogs will also imitate your personality

You’ve probably heard the following saying: “Dogs look like their owners”. This is not just a physical similarity. At the same time, their personalities are similar. Dogs can get different traits from the people they interact with the most. Why so? Because we humans, we convey our feelings from anxiety to peace to our animals.

So if you have tension in your home or If you are at a time when you have many problems, your dog will also behave inappropriately and try to get your attention.. But if you are drinking your tea calmly on the couch, then your dog will leave him on your knees and sleep like a baby.

Did you know about all these wonderful things that dogs do? There is no room for even the slightest suspicion that they are wonderful creatures who will be able to completely change your life.

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